West Virginia Online DUI Classes

Please read: The state of West Virginia does not recognize or approve online DUI classes as a means for West Virginia DUI offenders to comply with the mandated DUI class requirement for a DUI offense that occurred in West Virginia. Resident offenders will need to contact the Court Referral Officer in their county for a list of approved local class locations, or check the listings located towards the lower section of this page. West Virginia residents who received a DUI in another state may be eligible, but you should definitely check first before registering.

First Offense Requirement

Most first time DUI offenders in most states will take a 12 hour DUI education class to satisfy court requirements. The cost of our 12 hour West Virginia online DUI class is only $189 (includes regular mailing of certificate) and you can register below just choose the 12 hour class with your desired mailing option:

All Online DUI Classes by Hours

Do you need a class with a different number of hours? All of our DUI classes are listed below just click the class with the number of hours you need below to register:

Notice: The state of West Virginia does not accept West Virginia online dui classes. You will need to take a local DUI class where you live in order to satisfy West Virginia.