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SR22 Insurance Explained

You might have heard the term “SR22” before while shopping for car insurance. You may also become familiar with it after a car accident, a drunk driving offense, or various traffic violations. An SR22 is a verification of insurance form that is submitted to the DMV on your behalf. Most people don’t think of this form until it’s needed by the DMV, at which point its necessity may become a point of urgency. There’s no reason to panic though; obtaining an SR22 is really as simple as buying a standard auto insurance policy and then having your insurer send the SR22 form on your behalf to the DMV.

What exactly is an SR22?

To be able to drive legally, you need to carry car insurance of course. In most all cases, this really is easy to prove. You simply provide your proof of insurance to your DMV when registering your car. Sometimes, however, insurance policies can lapse for one reason or another. If you’re caught with a lapsed policy, an SR22 form can be deliver to the DMV to prove that you’ve corrected the problem.

There are some other times when an SR22 is needed. If you run into problems with the law as a result of a DUI or other serious driving violations you might be required to submit an SR22 for a specific amount of time to the DMV to prove that you’re maintaining insurance on your vehicle. Additionally, you could be required to submit an SR22 if you’re involved in an accident and unable to provide proof of insurance at the scene of the accident.

Sometimes you will see an insurer’s website list “SR22 insurance” on their website or on the windows of the agencies office. This isn’t a specific type of insurance policy. It basically means that the insurer is able to provide an insurance plan you can use to satisfy an SR22 obligation quickly. In many instances, the companies who advertise this are the ones that tend to cater to a specific type of driver who may be currently uninsured and need convenient and cost-effective insurance. But all insurance companies can offer an SR22 once you have a policy through them.

How Do You Acquire an SR22?

If you currently have automobile insurance, filling out the SR22 form is very simple. You merely need to contact your agent or insurance representative to get the form. Your insurance provider will more than likely even fill it out on your behalf. After that, it simply has to be submitted to your local DMV office to satisfy your legal obligation.

If you do not already have insurance coverage, you will need to purchase a policy before receiving an SR22. Once you’ve obtained the insurance policy, the insurance company will automatically notify the DMV, but it’s not necessarily a bad idea to follow up to make sure that all of the documents are accurate and filed appropriately.

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