Rhode Island Online DUI Classes

Please read: The state of Rhode Island does not recognize or approve Rhode Island online DUI classes as a means for DUI offenders to comply with the mandated DUI class requirement for a DUI offense that occurred in Rhode Island. Resident offenders will need to contact the Court Referral Officer in their county for a list of approved local class locations, or check the listings located towards the lower section of this page. Non-resident offenders MUST get approval to take an online DUI class prior to registering. Rhode Island residents who received a DUI in another state may be eligible, but you should definitely check first before registering.

First Offense Requirement

Most first time DUI offenders in Rhode Island will be required to take a 10 hour DUI education class to satisfy court requirements. The cost of our 10 hour Rhode Island online DUI class is only $169 (includes regular mailing of certificate) and you can register below just choose the 10 hour class with your desired mailing option:

All Online DUI Classes by Hours

Do you need a class with a different number of hours? All of our DUI classes are listed below just click the class with the number of hours you need below to register:

Notice: Please review your state’s policies regarding online classes before you register for a class. If you are not sure whether or not a class will be accepted by the court or DMV, we recommend that you call your Probation Officer, DMV or the Clerk of Courts office in the county where you were convicted to find out. You can also call us and we can tell you whether or not our class will be accepted.