Online DUI Classes By State or Hours


Our online DUI classes are mobile friendly and are truly 100% online. Our classes have been accepted in most states. Once you register for your class you will have immediate access to the class and will be able to start right away.

We strongly recommend that you review state requirements before registering for a class. If you need our assistance in figuring out if you can take one of our online classes we can be reached at 1-704 425-2513 from 10am to 5pm Monday – Thursday MST.

Questions Call Us: 704-425-2513

Office Hours: M-Th 10 am – 5 pm MST

100% Online Classes

99% Acceptance Rate

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DUI Classes By State

Select the state that you are taking the class for from the list below to find out which one of our classes you need to take. We also strongly suggest reviewing your home state’s acceptance regarding online classes:

DUI Classes By Hours

If you already know how many hours of class you need and know that an online class is approved for the state requiring you to complete the class you may select the class you need from the list below:

1 Hour Victim Impact Panel $55

8 Hour DUI Education Class $139

10 Hour DUI Education Class $169

12 Hour DUI Education Class $189

14 Hour DUI Education Class $229

16 Hour DUI Education Class $269

18 Hour DUI Education Class $299

20 Hour DUI Education Class $329

24 Hour DUI Education Class $379

32 Hour DUI Education Class $479

45 Hour DUI Education Class $589

60 Hour DUI Education Class $779

Like to learn more about a particular class just click on a link below for that class to review the class information:

California “Non-Resident Only” DUI Classes

The DUI classes listed below are only for people who got a DUI in California, but live in another state. If you live in California you cannot take one of these classes, you must take a local class in California.

12 Hour Wet-Reckless SB-1176 Program $189

32 Hour (3-Month) AB-541 Program $479

45 Hour (6-Month) AB-762 Program $589

60 Hour (9 Month) AB-1353 Program $779

78 Hour (18 Month) SB-38 Program $1099

Notice: Please review your state’s policies regarding online classes before you register for a class. If you are not sure whether or not a class will be accepted by the court or DMV, we recommend that you call your Probation Officer, DMV or the Clerk of Courts office in the county where you were convicted to find out. You can also call us and we can tell you whether or not our class will be accepted.

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