Iowa SR22 Insurance Filings & Quotes

So you’ve been informed that you need an SR22 certificate in the state of Iowa. Just read below to find out more about what an SR22 is in Iowa and how to get one.

What is an Iowa SR22 Certificate?

An SR22 certificate is basically a form that your Iowa insurance provider is going to issue for you that state that you have an auto insurance policy enforce with them that at least meets the state minimum liability limits for auto insurance. Your insure is then going to file this form with the Iowa Department of Transportation office of Driver Services so that you will be able to get a restricted license while you are under suspension or reinstate your license.

Who needs an SR22 Insurance filing in Iowa?

A few of the main reasons an Iowa resident will need an SR22 filing include driving while your license is currently under suspension, being arrested for an OWI in Iowa, unable to show an officer proof of auto insurance while stopped, past unsatisfied court judgments, various other criminal offenses. If your license has been suspended you will be required to file your SR22 with the Iowa DMV before they will reinstate your license.

How does one get an SR22 certificate in Iowa?

First you will need to find an insurance provider who will do an SR22 filing and then they will file the SR22 form with the Iowa DMV on your behalf. You will want to make sure that when you contact your chosen insurance provider that you have items such as your court case number or citation number handy because they will need it to complete the filing.

Does it take long to complete an SR22 filing in Iowa?

Depending on your chosen insurance agencies it can take up to a few days to complete the SR22 filing, but in this day and age most insurance carriers should be able to electronically file your SR22 with the Iowa DMV instantly so you can head right down to the DMV after signing up for your Iowa SR22 insurance policy.

How long will I be required to keep my SR22 insurance in Iowa?

Depending on your offense and how severe it was will play a big part in how long you must keep your SR22 insurance in Iowa. For example a person convicted of a OWI in Iowa will be required to maintain their SR22 filing for a minimum of 2 years with the DMV and that time may be longer depending on your case.

If your Iowa driver’s license was suspended the Iowa Department of Transportation will send out a letter letting you know that you are eligible to get your license reinstated. This letter will outline the details you will need to meet in order to get your license reinstated. As a proactive approach you can also contact the office of Driver Services directly to inquire with them as to when you will be able to reinstate your license.

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