Indiana SR22 Insurance Filings & Quotes

If you are an Indiana driver who has been convicted of a DUI/OWI or have had too many tickets or various other reasons, you are going to be required by the DMV to have SR22 insurance in Indiana before you will be able to reinstate your license or be issued a restricted license. Your chosen insurance provider will be responsible for submitting the required SR-22 form to the Indiana DMV for you. The submission of this SR-22 certificate is required by the DMV in order for them to issue you your license. The Indiana DMV will not issue you a license without having this SR22 form filing.

Your Indiana insurance provider will charge you a small fee to complete the form submission to the DMV, usually less than $50. Since you are required to have an SR22 by the DMV your insurance company is going to label you as a high-risk, hence your rates are going to increase accordingly. Typically when someone needs an SR22 after receiving a DUI they should expect their rates to increase200-300% per month. We can help you save some money on your SR22 insurance by just filling out our short quote form and we will do the work and find you the lowest possible rate.

Your Indiana SR-22 insurance is just really a regular auto insurance policy with the addition of an SR22 certificate to meet the DMV requirement. We should also note that not all licensed Indiana insurance providers will issue you a SR22 certificate filing. A lot of these insurance agencies just won’t deal with “high-risk” drivers.

You are going to be required to have your SR22 filing with the Indiana DMV for three years from the date your insurance company filed the initial form with the DMV. If you fail to pay your premiums for your auto insurance your insurance provider is going to let the DMV know that you have a lapse in coverage and the DMV is going to suspend your license again.

As one of the more serious and costly penalties a DUI offender will face in Indiana, the SR22 insurance and the increased monthly costs will have a big impact over the 3 years that you must carry the SR22 coverage. Once the Indiana DMV receives the necessary SR22 filing from your insurance provider they will be able to immediately issue you your restricted license our fully reinstate your license.

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