Georgia SR22 Insurance Filings & Quotes

Any Georgia driver who has been deemed as “high-risk” will need a Georgia SR22 insurance policy in order to drive. If you are a Georgia drive who has been charged or convicted of certain traffic offense the state of Georgia will require you to carry an SR22 insurance policy showing proof of financial responsibility.

If you hold a Georgia driver’s license and have been convicted of a DUI or have more than 12 points against your license you will need an SR22 filing with the DMV before your license can be reinstated or before the Georgia DMV is going to issue you a hardship or restricted driver’s license. No matter what the suspension or revocation reason is for your license having been suspended or revoked by the DMV you will need an SR22 form filing with the DMV before you will be able to drive legally again.

Not all insurance companies are willing to issue an SR22 certificate in Georgia, but we work with those insurers that are willing to do so. If you are required to have an SR22 in order to drive please be aware that you are going to have a long relationship with your SR22, 3 years to be exact.

The SR22 in Georgia is an agreement between your insurance provider and the DMV stating that if you cancel your policy for any reason or have a lapse in coverage, your insurance provider is going to make the DMV aware of the lapse in coverage and the Georgia DMV is going to suspended your license immediately. You will have to pay the DMV another reinstatement fee if this happens and you are going to pay additional fines for allowing this to happen.

For any DUI offenders an SR22 insurance policy is going to be required even after a first offense and most definitely for repeat offenders.

By filling out our simple quote form we can help you find the lost price possible in Georgia for an SR22 policy and getting your policy in force today.

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