Delaware SR22 Insurance Filings & Quotes

The state of Delaware does not require drivers to carry SR22 insurance you’re still required to carry an SR22 if you have moved from another state where you were previously required to carry an SR22. This is because you still must meet the requirements legally mandated by your former state.

In Delaware, it’s not mandatory for drivers who have failed to have the proper amount of liability insurance, or who have violated the law, to purchase Delaware SR22 insurance. SR22 insurance coverage is another policy entirely apart from vehicle insurance. Any previously existing SR22 sentences from other states must still be filed should you move to Delaware.

The Delaware SR22 insurance certificate will then be used by the driver as a regular insurance card. This means that not only does the driver have to present evidence of insurance upon request, but additionally must present their Delaware SR22 insurance certificate. This rule pertains to anyone who is required by law to carry SR22 insurance within the state of Delaware.

Delaware SR22 insurance has to be filed with the Delaware DMV when requested. This means that the driver’s car insurance policy, as well as their SR22 insurance certificate has to be sent at deadlines which are stricter than ones for the driver with a clean record. There are numerous penalties for missing deadlines.

If you do not send your SR22 insurance along with your regular vehicle insurance then the state which issued the mandate will fine the driver, and in many cases suspend their license. Not filing a SR22 insurance certificate altogether will result in license suspension until proof is received. Often the mandatory period for which a first time offender has to hold on to an out of state SR22 insurance policy is three years from the date of the mandate.

However, depending on the state, this period may differ. For drivers which are found guilty of DUI, the punishment can be prolonged. In the state of Delaware, simply being found guilty of a DUI will result in a yearlong suspension of the driver’s license. After this suspension is over with, the period that you must maintain an out of state Delaware SR22 certificate begins.

Also, many states require that drivers that do not own or have an operating vehicle, but still require SR22 insurance, must retain the policy. This also applies in Delaware for out of state policies. This is because SR22 insurance is legally binding, and has to be upheld.

In most states, repeat offenders receive higher sentences. For failing to provide proof of insurance, a 2nd offender can expect to have SR22 insurance for five years. For every offense after the second, the sentence will double. Drivers who repeatedly get convicted of DUI will get the initial three years, and after those ten years for second offenses. Third offenses will lead to 20 years and a prolonged suspension of the license or permanent termination.

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