Colorado SR22 Insurance Filings & Quotes

An SR22 insurance policy is a specific type of certificate made mandatory by the DMV in Colorado for those drivers who have been deemed as being a high-risk driver. The DMV in Colorado will require a SR22 form to be filed with them after a driver has had their license suspended or revoked for certain traffic violations such as a driving under the influence, a repeat DUI offense, a high number of moving violations.

Once your driver license has been suspended or revoked by the state of Colorado the driver is required to have an SR22 certificate filed with the Colorado DMV before the DMV will reinstate their license or issue them a restricted license.

A Colorado SR22 insurance policy can be purchased through various insurance companies who are licensed by the state of Colorado. It needs to be clear that not all insurance providers will write a policy that requires an SR22 certificate filing.

The SR-22 form filing with the Colorado DMV must be continues for 3 years, the period of time may be longer if the DMV requires it. There also must be no lapse in SR22 filing coverage in Colorado during the required three year period. If there happens to be a lapse in coverage your Colorado insurance provider is going to notify the DMV of this lapse and your license will be suspended or revoked again by the DMV. It should also be noted that the required 3 year filing period will start over if a lapse in coverage occurs.

Exactly what is an SR22 in Colorado?

An SR22 form in Colorado is basically a certificate that your insurer adds as a rider to your regular auto insurance policy that goes to the DMV showing proof of financial liability and that you do indeed have auto insurance. The SR-22 form filing with the DMV is basically an agreement between your insurer and the DMV stating that if you cancel your auto insurance your insurer will immediately inform the Colorado DMV of your cancellation.

Since the insurance company is working with the DMV on your behalf it is important that you sign up for your policy and SR22 certificate with a reputable insurance company. Doing so will ensure that there is no lapse in coverage due to your insurance provider failing to keep the Colorado DMV informed.

Penalties you will face for SR22 insurance cancellation in Colorado

If you allow your Colorado SR22 auto insurance to lapse in coverage you will not only have your Colorado driver’s license canceled, but you will also have to pay additional license reinstatement fees to reinstate your license for a second time along with possibly paying additional fines and quite possibly spending some time in jail.

We can help you with your Colorado SR22 insurance form filing requirement by just completing our quote form and signing up for coverage with your chosen and qualified Colorado SR22 insurance provider.

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